Caring Physician

Better care.
Better outcomes.
Higher patient satisfaction.
Increased revenue for your practice.

Provider Facing Dashboard
Are you looking for ways to improve the financial performance of your practice?
A practice can easily make $12,000 of additional revenue per month with a typical patient panel of 2500.
Is your team looking for better care management and patient compliance/adherence?
Efficiently and effectively deliver and manage targeted care plans in the palm of your patients’ hands through our platform.
Are you working in a multi-disciplinary clinic care team model or have a centralized services model?
Our platform is purpose built to support a variety of care team models, like yours.
Are you seeking more efficient ways to proactively manage your entire patient population?
Easily filter and engage with unique patient populations through smart intuitive dashboards.
Is your practice looking for a means to identify and engage rising risk patients before chronicity?
Our tech enabled personalized approach drives deep patient behavioral engagement leading to revised health trajectories and positive health outcomes prior to diagnoses.
Has your practice lacked clear and effective mechanisms to report on the complex nature of population health and patient engagement in value-based care contracts?
Our data and reporting capabilities will transform conversations with your payors, provider systems, and employers.
Maximize Your Practice
  • Actionable provider-facing dashboards
  • Real-time patient generated health data
  • Remote Physiologic Monitoring and device integration
  • Establish health goals and see progress
  • Secure communication channels
  • Quickly see your patient’s level of engagement
  • Increase your panel size and practice efficiencies
  • Improve outcomes
  • More revenue for the exceptional care you’re already providing
Onboarding is simple
  • We do the heavy lifting for onboarding, engagement & extra support
  • We manage device fulfillment, distribution, and patient training
  • Be up and running quickly
  • Full administrative support from C3LX
  • No hardware implementations or painful IT integrations
  • Simple pricing tied to reimbursement. No additional costs.
  • Fully integrated into your practice operations including coding and billing

What we do, supported by research

Improve Your Patient Satisfaction by Improving Patient Engagement
95% of practices that have implemented a mobile health device initiative have seen improved patient satisfaction. 1
Maximize your connection with patients
45% of patients report they wish patient-physician communications included chats about lifestyle health and motivating factors for wellness. 2
Remote Patient Monitoring is reducing the risk of hospital readdmissions in some cases by as much as 76%. 3