Patient Focused Care

Engaging and connecting patients and
care teams. Transforming Outcomes

Patient Engagement Mobile App
This platform gets me
  • Personalize patient content, education, reminders, & messaging
  • Event-driven content & reminders; content queuing & delivery
  • Activate patients to effectively manage their health
  • Simple interfaces to set & manage progress towards health goals and track acute symptoms
  • Collect data passively from other wearable devices
  • Higher patient engagement

The C3LX platform allows you to personalize your short-term and long-term health goals, track your metrics, receive reminders and message back to your trusted care team. Through the C3LX Health Engagement Index Score®, the C3LX mobile app uniquely provides guidance and motivation to effectively manage your health. The mobile app features make it simple to set short and long-term health goals, collect data passively from other devices and connect with any member of your care team; ultimately creating higher engagement and improved overall health.

What we do, supported by research

Existing solutions don't work
Mobile Health adoption is high, but prolonged use is limited and few mobile Health Apps in existence today are effective in engaging patients. 4
Patient portals are not effective in increasing patient engagement
While patient portal adoption is hight, less than 15% of eligible providers saw any patients view, download, or transmit their patient portal data. 5