Our Solution

The leading remote monitoring solution to drive additional revenue for your practice and better care for your patients


Finally, a comprehensive RPM solution built to drive value into your practice.

We support a variety of models including Independent Physician Associations, large integrated multi-specialty groups, Direct Primary Care practices among others to deliver seamless, secure, personalized and effective technology enabled connections and health engagement between physicians, their care teams, and their patients. Our solution allows your care teams to efficiently and effectively stay on top of every facet of your patients’ health, extending beyond episodic sick care. This proactive care solution will contribute to your effectiveness, reduce costs, and ultimately deliver unparalleled population health outcomes to the people under your care.

It actually works.

100% retention on the platform
75% of C3LX users are “highly engaged”
90% of patients achieve their health goals 6-9 months after starting on the platform

Significant improvements in key health outcomes:
7.6% weight loss
9.2% activity increase

Drives substantial additional revenue for your practice:
On average RPM patients generate an additional $1440 per patient per year
Most practices see in excess of $140,000 of additional revenue annually

Our solution...
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Increase Revenue. Improve Care.
RPM will increase revenue and profitability for your practice. The average RPM patient will generate an additional $1400 for your practice each year. Our platform delivers better care, better outcomes, and more revenue.
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Takes patient engagement beyond the patient portal
True engagement cannot be passive nor solely measured by interactions with technology alone. It comes when technology and care teams are brought together in a way that recognizes and actuates patients' unique motivations and barriers to achieving health goals, and ultimately supports and motivates patients along their personal journey to achieving those goals.
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Supports multiple care team models
Each member of your multi-disciplinary care team is able to see the patient’s comprehensive care plan, the relevant data, and your panel’s prioritized patients specific to each member’s role and scope of practice. Through our platform, centralized care management teams can also act in support of and coordinated with individual physician practices.
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Gives your care teams the ability to create comprehensive care plans for patients
Patients rarely have just one clear manageable issue. Our solution takes in a variety of data inputs and care goals for managing not only a patient’s chronic conditions, but also leading indicators such as improved diet, increased activity, weight reduction, and sleep quality; and synthesizes the disparate data points into meaningful and readily actionable toolsets.
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Gives you insights about your patients beyond just their conditions
The C3LX platform provides a 360-degree view of the people you care for; their goals and motivations, preferences, progress, challenges, barriers, success factors, growth, and their transformation towards better health.
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Empowers your patients
Everything in the C3LX platform is built to deliver personalized, small, continuous, sustainable behavior changes for each of your patients in their priority areas. In other words, the platform delivers patient engagement.